Christmas Traditions

On Christmas morning we always got up and went to my Mother’s  for Christmas Brunch. We always had plenty of food. There would be sweet goodies, savory dishes, fresh fruit and plenty of drinks. My brother’s would be there with their family’s. We would eat and visit and then we would open gifts. As my Mother has passed away this year we now need to make new traditions.

We have one tradition we can keep, we can have Christmas socks for our two cats. I have purchased some toys  at the local farmers market last week. While I was taking care of the food we had purchased after we got home I heard a noise. As I turned around I saw Dusty getting into the bag that held the catnip toys, no big deal,  so I went back to the groceries. When  I turned around again Casey’s tail end was sticking out of the bag. Casey comes out with the mouse  decides  she does not want that and throws it to Dusty on the floor. Casey goes back into the bag and gets the other toy. This time she likes the toy and runs off to the other room with the carrot in her mouth. So now I need to buy some more toys for my two demons.

casey dusty printer monster

This is my two demons, Dusty of course is the golden one , that means Casey is white and gold.

Happy Holidays