Hi, my name is Twyla Thompson. I live in Maine, I grow up in Northern Maine, when I was about 16 years old my family moved to the coast of Maine. I love to bake, garden, take photos and my top three loves are my boyfriend Earl, and our two cats, Casey Jones and Dusty Bones.

I also enjoy trying new recipes. In our home Earl and I plan and cook our meals together. Take today for instance we plan to make hamburgers and French fries, I made the hamburger rolls this morning and  just pulled them out of the oven. It seems that we did not take the hamburger out of the freezer soon enough for it to thaw so we can make patties, so we will make the copy cat white castle burger recipe I found on another blog the other day. Earl will cook the hamburger and French fries.

With this blog I would like to encourage other families to plan and cook together. I thinks that it brings people together and builds a stronger relationships.