The Story of Casey and Dusty

Today’s assignment do a post that is different then what you usually would do. I thought about posting one of the videos that I have made but the quality is poor so I would not be happy with that.

I decided to share another of my loves a story about my cats. Which one do I share? I have had my (our) two cats for a little over 7 years. They have brought so much to our lives.

Dusty the bigger of the two. When we got her she had some big front paws we called her shovel foot, Casey and Dusty sister are litter mates. Casey was very funny looking I would call her alien girl.

casey 2   dusty1

They were both so small and very scared, they hid under the coffee table for the first day I only got them to come out to eat then back under the coffee table they went. The next day they came out I think they needed to pee but after that unless they were tired or scared they stayed out with us. As the kittens grow into adult cats they stayed close.

casey and dusty    casey dusty kiss

They would teach each other stuff like when we got an air conditioner and put it in we of course had to close the door to the bedroom where we put the air conditioner and we would watch as Dusty showed Casey to put her head against the door and push. This worked good for going in but what to do to get out. I wanted the cats to be able to come and go as they wanted so the door was not closed tight, Dusty would get up on the headboard of the bed and look almost like she was telling us that she and Casey were ready to come out of the bedroom of course I would go let Casey out, as they got older they would let themselves out unless Earl or I are right there.

Dusty is the largest of the two but she is also the biggest scardey cat I have ever had. In the spring when we open our windows the first few times Dusty will run and hide, Casey will be freaked out for an hour or two but will sneak up to the window and finally climb in to watch the world.

dusty drinks   casey drinks

They both like special drinks.

casey fish tank    dusty in plant

Casey loves to go fishing Dusty liked to sleep in the plant

dusty unsafe   casey hanging

They both like to climb curtains I call this being unsafe.