Blogging 201 Assignment for February 2, 2015

My assignment for Monday is a day late. I had to give some thought to where I wanted my Blog to go. I started Blogging  to help myself learn about social networking and what it is all about. So what do I what my blog to do for me or you.

1. I would like to help beginning cooks to see that cooking is fun. With some foresight we can have everything on hand to make just about any meal.

2. I would like to share how I plan my garden to make meals for the summer. What I plant to can or freeze to help with winter meals.

3. I would like for people to see that cooking as a family brings you together and makes everything taste that much better because you planed and cooked together.

I have written this assignment several times and it still sounds lame. I feel that as I keep going forward and learn more I may be able to revisit with a more clear road that I want to travel.