Shepard’s Pie or China Pie

Shepard’s Pie or China Pie

Growing up mom would feed us what she always called China Pie. After we grew up and started talking to other people about food people kept asking me what China pie was. After I would tell them they would chuckle at me and say oh you mean Shepard’s pie. Now that I do a lot of the cooking at our house I find a few differences between Shepard’s pie and China pie.

To me China pie is only made with corn for a vegetable.

It is made with ground beef.

Shepard’s pie usually uses a multiple of vegetable.

It is usually made with ground lamb.

My mother would make China pie by browning up ground beef. Place that into a square cake pan on top of that she would put two cans of corn (one whole kernel and one cream style). Over this she would use leftover potato. Spreading the potato out to cover all the corn. She would then bake the pie at 350 degrees until the top was brown about 45 minutes. Sometimes if there was some cheese in the house she would place it on top of the potato before cooking.

I make China pie

½ pound of ground beef I like 80-20

1 bag frozen corn

12 ounces of beef gravy

4 medium potatoes cooked and mashed


Salt and pepper

While the potatoes are cooking brown the beef adding salt and pepper. Place it into a Casserole dish dump the frozen corn on top and spread out, add the gravy. When the potatoes are cooked make mashed potatoes using butter, milk, salt and pepper. Spread this over the mixture in your casserole dish. Sprinkle paprika on top. Bake at 350 degrees until potatoes are brown and gravy is bubbly. About 45 minutes.