The Basics Of Braising Meats

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For satisfying meals and fare for entertaining, learning how to braise food is a worthwhile endeavor. Large batches are as easy as smaller ones, and both fill a kitchen with rich and enticing smells. With the right equipment and a few techniques on hand, delicious braised foods are a breeze.

Pans and Pots for Braising

The best place to begin is with braising basics, and that means locating optimal equipment. Look for a heavy pot with a lid that fits tightly. You will need a pot that is large enough to contain all of the ingredients, and there must still be a couple of inches of room on top of the food. This extra space creates condensation that bastes the food as it cooks. A cast iron Dutch oven is a common choice.

Long Braise Vs. Short Braise

Next, it is important to understand whether short or long braising will…

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