Strawberry tres leches cake recipe with a healthy topping!

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And pondering on the milk that doesn’t exist, but later.  First let’s talk strawberries, the perfect complement for a traditional Mexican tres leches cake, a deliciously moist spongesoaked in three kinds of milk (tres leches):  condensed, evaporated and full-fat (yes, full-fat!).  Strawberries give this cake the freshness and lift that make them such a popular filling in Mexico but you can still taste the cinammon, vanilla and orange cognac liqueur!  And never fear, there’s a minimal diet plan involved:  a smaller cake, thinner slices and a healthy topping of fruit with zero-fat quark and maple syrup instead of whipped cream.  So je ne regrette rien (I regret nothing!) because this cake is delicious and days later I’m still excited when I retrieve a slice from the fridge taking me to milky cake paradise.  Swoon…

Pastel de tres leches con fresas Strawberry tres leches cake

I know many people feel…

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