I Had Some Gams

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Recently I’ve told you about when I was a teenager, I spent time with a boating club that the family of a girlfriend belonged to. On one sailing trip the club took we had a picnic dinner ashore on a remote beach. Everyone brought their food, drinks some portable music and had a great time.

The committee responsible for planning the festivities also came up with a few activities each time the club got together. This night was no exception.

The first activity was a sexy legs contest. Open to only the males of the group (and if you were male and post-puberty, you were almost required to attend. I must have been 16 and while a pretty confident in myself, I wasn’t sure I wanted a bunch of middle-aged women issuing catcalls at my bare legs, but after encouragement from my girlfriend, I participated.

Each attendee was marked with…

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