I have a small computer desk and my wrist sets right on the edge. One day knowing that I must have something to use I started looking around for something to use as a wrist rest. I came up with this cat toy. It works very well coast about 2 dollars maybe 4 years ago. The cats do not play with it much and they have a lot of other toys. Every now and then though Casey will get on my desk and take back her toy. I know it is Casey because not only have I seen her taking it but Dusty prefers interactive play time.

casey in hammok 006

I took this picture of Casey to show Earl that Casey is finally using this bed. I got this hammock about 3 years ago. I know that you can’t tell what it is I needed to take the shot quickly before she got down. I got 2 shots and 1 is no good as she was faster than I was. When I saw this in the store I just know Casey would love it.  It only took 3 years and she jumps out whenever someone see her in it. Dusty on the other hand has liked the scratching posts on it every since we brought it home, other than that no one has slept in it until last week.

casey in hammok 003

On another note, I got to work in one of my flower garden today. Our tulips have all gone by, now our lilies will be opening soon.

While I was out I checked on the vegetable garden everything is up. Now if the deer or bugs don’t eat it all I will soon have fresh vegetables, and more weeding to do.