Dust Bunny Honey


Dusty (3)

Well I finally got Dusty( my cats always end up with many names ) to settle down, maybe she will let me get something done. Not that I mind I have pets so that they can make sure I always have something to do. I love giving them the time they believe that they deserve.

Dusty likes to start her day out with some treats followed by a mad dash to the litter box (that had better be cleaned). She likes to be the first one in. Then she likes ambush her sister when sister comes out. Then they will chase each other around for a bit. While they play I am supposed to make sure that all water dishes have fresh water. They will both give me the evil eye if they do not get fresh water before they go for a drink.

Then Dusty knows that Earl is going to leave so she will follow him around until he leaves. This gives me time to get Earl’s lunch ready and to (as I call it) tuck Casey in.

After Earl leaves Dusty and I will play toss the toy, play with toys on a string and some Chase the Dust. Which consist of Dusty running from one end of the trailer to the other with me following behind. She will sometimes run and fly up to the top of the curtains. As this is cute and always makes me smile but she weighs 13 pounds and it is hard on the curtain rods and holders.

Dusty (4)

This is Dusty as a kitten on top of the curtain.

Most of Dusty toys need to be put away when she is not playing with them because of the strings which she likes to eat.

Both cats are 8 years old (in people years) Casey acts like any older cat, Dusty still has a lot of kitten in her. They both still have demon in them Dusty is just more playful and active, Casey these days still plays some but is much more into giving and wanting love.

I always know that Dusty is done playing because she will run into the bathtub or go and lay in what I call little people mode on my pillow.

Dusty (4)

This does not always mean that she is ready for bed. A lot of times she will come out to watch me do whatever I’m doing, she likes to watch me make bread. She also loves to have me hold her so she can watch Earl clean out the dishwasher (one of her favorites, so funny).