Sunday Afternoon Under The Trees

After we did the outside chores we cleaned up and spent the afternoon under the trees in our patio area. Earl was reading a book and I set up my camera to take picture of the birds that came to visit the feeders.

Woodpecker (2)

We had Two Hairy Woodpecker’s

Momma feeding baby (10)

Momma and baby

Momma feeding baby (8)

Momma feeds baby, baby looked bigger than momma

Goldfinch (6)

We had Goldfinches

Goldfinch (1)

momma duck (4)

Of course we had a Mallard duck if you look close you will see that she has a band on her leg.

Casey and Dusty July 5 2015

And I never take my camera out without taking at least one picture of Casey and Dusty