Hosta Garden

Hosta Garden

This is a recent picture of my back Hosta garden.

Back Hostas (1)



There is a neighborhood cat that we call Casey Jones boyfriend (only because it is the same colors as her) that likes to hide in the hosta’s to poach at our birdfeeders.

I have decided that he lives with the guinea hen that comes to the feeders. The other day as I was puttering in the house I saw 2 momma ducks and the guinea hen out feeding. A few minutes later I heard the guinea hen and the ducks making noise and went to the window to make sure all was well. I see the both ducks are flying off, the guinea hen is back to eating and the tail of Casey’s boyfriend going into the hosta’s. I figure that Casey’s boyfriend chased the ducks off so his buddy guinea can have all the food (he may have wanted duck for lunch) either way he let the guinea hen stay.

When the guinea hens started coming around there were a lot of them. Over the years they have moved on and now we only have one.

guinea hens (5)