Pit Keepers Choice: Spare Ribs and Shrimp Kebabs

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? Under gray skies of pending rain, and the reserved hush of tweety birds unseen, the first plumes of smoke pillared out of the old charcoal…

Memorial Day Weekend

  This has been a full weekend. Earl had a four-day weekend so on Friday we did our grocery shopping, when we got home we tilled the vegetable garden. Saturday morning we did the shopping for… Continue reading

Cottage cheese and blueberry bars with oat crust

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This week I have been staying and baking at my friends’ house as all of my belongings and baking tools have been packed and are already on their…

Gourmet Club: Thai Crunch Salad

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As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a member of a gourmet club. See the original post to get all the details, but…

Bleeding Heart

When I got my bleeding heart from Earl’s brother(Travis) I was unaware that it was a shade lover. I grow this plant in my back garden, it gets a lot of sun so I know that… Continue reading


I just love my front flower garden, I could go out every day to take more pictures. It seams that more flowers open every day. Whenever I take a break from work I… Continue reading

Fruit Tarts Under 30 Minutes

Don’t let this post fool you in thinking that I’m a master baker. In fact, I’m not one by any stretch of the imagination. I made these fruit tarts because I was pinning…

Eating My Way Through the Alphabet; Letter F

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What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? A Second Helping of Fresh Pear Tart! Even if you are only slightly crazy about pears, one taste of this beautiful caramelized fruit dessert…

Best Foods For Bone And Joint Health

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Having strong bones and joints is an important aspect of your overall health. However, as many as three out of four Americans have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin…

Dogtooth violet

As Earl and I take our daily walk we see that the dogtooth violets are in bloom. There are no large patch of them in my area mostly you see one or two… Continue reading