Basic Pantry


Being new to Blogging I signed up for Blogging101, as I go through the assignments I notices that I stated that I would give a Basic pantry list and so far I have only shared recipes.

Today let’s get back on track. This is what I thing we all should have in the dry pantry, keep in mind that there are a lot more ingredients that will be added as we go.

Baking powder

Baking soda

Black pepper, ground and whole



Corn starch


Crushed red pepper

Flour, all-purpose and whole wheat

Italian season


Olive oil

Rolled oats


Sugar, white, light brown, dark brown and powder

Unsweetened cocoa powder


Vegetable oil

Vegetable shortening

Vinegar, apple cider, white and balsamic


With this list and some ice-cold water, milk, eggs and stone ground mustard you can make Breads such as biscuits, yeast rolls, yeast bread, hamburger and hot dog rolls, pizza doughpie crust, homemade pasta you can also make salad dressing and marinades for meats and vegetable.

Remember this is a basic list to start with there are many, many more spices that you will add as you go. There is also the fridge and other items you will want that I will talk about as we go. Please click this link Basic Pantry Checklist to download the checklist in .pdf format.