Pantry Revisited


Today I would like to add to the pantry, I believe that to be ready to cook almost any meal we should have the following items on hand. With the following pantry if you were to pick up some meat you can make a long list of foods. Such as pot pies, soups and chilies. You can  even make things for desserts like cakes, cookies and brownies. You can also make marinade and salad dressing. At a later date I will visit the spice cupboard. Please click the Basic Pantry link.


Basic Pantry Refrigerator Cupboard
Baking powder Carrots Beef, Chicken and vegetable stock
Baking soda Celery Bread crumbs Seasoned and Panko
Black pepper, ground and whole Eggs Canola Oil
Butter Garlic Can tomatoes (whole, Crushed, Dice, Stewed, Tomato Sauce and Tomato paste)
Cinnamon Ginger Dry pasta
Corn starch Ketchup Honey
Cornmeal Mayonnaise Kidney and Pinto  beans
Crushed red pepper Milk Molasses
Flour, All purpose and Whole Wheat Mustard Onions
Italian season Relish Peanut butter
Nutmeg Tomatoes Potatoes
Olive oil Worcestershire sauce Parmesan cheese
Rolled oats Rice
Salt Spaghetti sauce
Sugar, White, Light brown, Dark brown and Powdered White wine, Red wine and Rice Vinegars
Unsweetened cocoa powder
Vegetable oil
Vegetable shortening
Vinegar, Apple cider, White and Balsamic